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Hi! I'm TJ...


I am from New Jersey, where I live with my wife and our three dogs. I love to travel, watch interesting documentaries, and I also renovated an RV a few years ago!

Professionally, I am a freelance proofreader and scopist with a vast amount of experience in legal work and within the court system.

I complete every task I am assigned with the attention and focus it deserves. I strive to produce clean, legible, neat transcripts that are accurate, detailed, and easy to read.

Hiring me allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere, such as spending valuable time with family and friends or obtaining additional higher paying work. Either way, working with me will allow you to remain confident that your final projects are polished and free of errors.


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First, let's get in touch!

  • Please reach out to confirm availability prior to sending a job. Include the service requested, number of pages and when you need the job completed.
  • I will respond to confirm availability for the requested job, including the rate and turnaround time.
  • If you are a new client please complete one or both of the following forms:
  • You will receive a confirmation when a file is received. Once the confirmation is sent, the turnaround time begins.

working together



  • Send transcript in PDF format. Longer transcripts can be sent in smaller portions (this may also decrease turnaround time).
  • I use the iAnnotate program to make suggested edits directly on your transcript PDF.
  • I will be looking for:
    • Misspellings
    • Grammar and punctuation errors
    • Homophones
    • Missing and transposed words
    • Style, spacing, readability issues
  • Each transcript will be returned with:
    • One PDF of the entire transcript with corrections clearly marked.
    • One PDF summary of corrections including page and line numbers.



  • Send job via e-mail. Larger files can be sent via Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • I use the latest version of Case CATalyst Edit to scope the work.
  • I will be reviewing the transcript with audio (video for additional fee) looking for:
    • Dropped words / sentences
    • Grammar and punctuation errors
    • Homophones
    • Proper paragraphs and spacing
    • Matching exhibits
    • Proper spelling of names and places
    • Unresolved translations and flags
    • Properly identified speakers
  • The file will be returned in the format it was received.



Returning your work

  • I'll return your job within the agreed upon turnaround time.
  • If any questions arise, I will reach out via your preferred contact method to clarify and learn your writing style.
  • For payment of services:
    • For newer clients, I will submit an invoice along with the completed transcript.
    • For established clients, I will invoice on the 1st and 15th of each month.
    • I primarily accept Venmo and PayPal.
  • I value all feedback and comments so I can continue to improve my services.

Note: You can expect prompt response times. If an inquiry or transcript is received after 6PM EST, you may not receive a response until the following morning.


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Proofreading services


3 - 4 DAY turnaround

45¢ per page


1 DAY turnaround

80¢ per page

Additional 5¢ per page for expert or medical witnesses

Scoping services


5 DAY turnaround

$1.25 per page


2 - 3 DAY turnaround

$2.00 per page

Fees are for files including audio only

If file also includes video, add 25¢ per page

Additional 25¢ per page for greater than 10% page creep (on those pages only)



check my

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Please reach out using e-mail, text, or phone call. Either way, you can expect a prompt response! (Within 24 hours)

Thank you


us out!